Who will speak for you in an Emergency?


Help your local emergency response team treat you without delay.

"Vial of Life" provides lifesaving information.



How Does It Work?

  1. Complete "Vial of Life" medical information sheet.
  2. Place "Vial of Life" sticker on your plastic medicine container.
  3. Put all your medical information inside the container. 
  4. Place container in a visible spot inside your refrigerator on a shelf. 
  5. Place "Vial of Life" magnet on the outside of your refrigerator door.
  6. Display "Vial of Life" alert decal on your front door or window.
  7. Keep your medical information updated.

Local response teams have been instructed to look inside your refrigerator, when you display the "Vial of Life" alert decal on your door or window. 


Download "Vial of Life" forms here. 


For a complete kit, call (631) 477-5411.