What is Vial of Life?

“Vial of Life” is a medical alert kit that provides your local emergency response team with lifesaving information about your medical history. Medical alert kits are available at your community hospital.

“Vial of Life” speaks for you in an emergency by providing valuable medical history about your health condition.  Help the EMS team treat you without delay. To order your “Vial of Life” medical history alert kit, call 631.477.5411.


What’s in the kit?

  • Medical information sheet.
  • Vial of Life container.
  • Name label for container.
  • Refrigerator Magnet.
  • Vial of Life window or door decal. (peel and stick to glass)

How does it work?

Local response teams have been instructed to look inside your refrigerator, when you display the "Vial of Life" alert decal on your front door or window. 

  • Place updated medical information inside your “Vial of Life” container.
  • Write your full name on “peel and stick” label and place on outside of “Vial of Life” container.
  • Place “Vial of Life” container where visible on a shelf in your refrigerator.
  • Remember to keep your medical information up to date.
  Download "Vial of Life" forms here.