Chest Pain… Don't wait, CALL 9-1-1… Let the expert emergency team at Eastern Long Island Hospital send you home rather than risk losing valuable treatment time. Heart muscle can be saved, if treatment can be given at the onset of pain. Many new medications have a limited window of time for administration to be effective.

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Treatment Minors

IMPORTANT … Do not drive to the emergency room … call 9-1-1.

Treatment needs to begin quickly….Don't WAIT!
Whether you need urgent emergency care or lifesaving medicine, the Emergency Team is here for you.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Accessible by land, sea and air
  • Heliport and emergency dock
  • Shortest waiting time in Suffolk County

Patient Care Team credentials exceeds New York State standards

Lawrence R. Schiff, MD, Director, Emergency Department
Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine  & Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine