ELIH Board of Trustees

ELIH operates under the watchful eye of a dedicated, interactive and local Board of Trustees.

Working with hospital administrative staff, clinical staff and medical staff, the Board brings a wealth of experience and guidance. Board continually explores initiatives to improve access to care for the communities served through its links to local business leaders, government officials and capital resources.

Sharing a vision of excellence and quality in all we do, the Board fully supports the ‘high touch’ philosophy at the heart of healthcare delivery … Putting CARE back in HealthCARE.

ELIH Board of Trustees


Thomas E. Murray, Jr,
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Anthony E. Mitarotondo Jr., MD; Medical Staff President

Carole G. Donlin
Vice Chairman

Frank J. Adipietro, MD
Vice Chairman

Helene V. Fall

Auxiliary President


Robert T. Goldman
Vice Chairman

Janice L. Claudio


Scott V. Bennett

Daniel V. Brisotti

Paul J. Connor III

David M. Fujita

Douglas R. Mathie

Maureen T. Mills

James F. Preston

Jay P. Quartararo

Edward J. Schott

Honorary Trustees

Z. Micah Kaplan, MD

Cynthia R. Kinsella (deceased)

John M. May (deceased)

James H. Rich, Jr. 

Neboysha R. Brashich

Honorary Members

Senator Kenneth LaValle