Foundation Board of Directors

ELIH Foundation members participate in the oversight of programs and projects funded by the Foundation, such as Operation Renew. They assist with the planning and implementation of fundraising activities to support capital needs. The board members each bring professional expertise and advice to manage and maintain the financial well-being of the Foundation. We are fortunate and grateful to have such talented, educated and devoted individuals volunteering on this board.

Z. Micah Kaplan, MD
Paul J. Romanelli
Vice Chairman
James F. Preston
Vice Chairman / Treasurer
Terence J. McLaughlin
Associate Director
Erica E. Harold
Peter J. Harold
Alison M. Byers, Psy.D
Mrs. Eileen Brennan Oakley
James M. Rubin, MD
Hans Flick


Thomas B. Doolan
James H. Rich, Jr.
John E. Roe, Sr.


Paul J. Connor, III
Thomas E. Murray, Jr.

Vice President, Foundation/External Affairs

Linda S. Sweeney