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You can now conveniently and securely pay your hospital bill online. Just follow the link below and use access code "ELI" when instructed.

Pay Your Bill

Billing FAQs

Can I pay my balance off in a payment plan?
Some patients are unable to pay balances in full and need extended time to pay for services. Eastern Long Island   Hospital offers short-term financing options to assist in these situations. All patients qualify by agreeing to accept the terms of the Eastern Long Island Hospital payment program. Please contact the Extended Business Office at (800) 955-7121 to establish a payment arrangement.

Note: Sending a partial payment does not establish a formal payment plan.

Why did I get multiple bills?
Many diagnostic tests and procedures performed at Eastern Long Island Hospital consist of two parts:

  • Technical (Hospital Portion)
  • Professional (Physician Services)

You will receive separate bills for Technical and Professional services rendered at Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Can I get Financial Counseling?
Our Financial counselor can advise you on what is the best for you.

Call our Financial Counselor for Inpatient services at (631) 477-5134 or Outpatient services at (631) 477-5112.

We must work together. It is your responsibility to apply for all available help and to be honest with us about your financial situation. We will do everything we can to help you pay for care received within our hospital.

Concerns with your Bill?
If you have any questions concerning a bill you have received for the services we provided to you please give us a call.  1-800-955-7121, Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 8:30 pm OR online at ( Use access code ELI)

Emergency Room Physician bills call 631-878-4642 EXT 25

Pain Management and Anesthesia bills call 631-878-4642 EXT 27

Radiology bills call 631-727-2755

Inpatient – 631-477-5107 | Outpatient – 631-477-5108

Do I qualify for Charity Care?
If you believe you may be eligible for Charity Care, and you do not have medical insurance, please contact the Charity Care representative: Inpatient services - 631-477-5134 Outpatient services - 631-477-5112

What if I forgot my insurance card when I come to the Emergency Room?
The Emergency Room will provide you with a "No Insurance Card" form that will need to be completed and returned to the Business Office within 48 hours of your visit. If for any reason you lose this form please contact 631-477-5108.