Emergency Care – What to Expect


Arrival at the Emergency Department

As an Emergency Department patient, you are seen according to the severity of your illness or injury – a process known as triage. Those suffering from acute physical or mental health emergencies, who are unstable, or have life-threatening illnesses or injuries are immediately placed in the appropriate treatment area where a multi-disciplinary team utilizing state-of-the-art equipment conduct emergency evaluations and perform the necessary resuscitation, stabilization treatment and/or post trauma or post resuscitation critical care.

Examination and Treatment

Once in the examination room, the Emergency Department Team will examine you, and order any necessary tests. Depending on your illness or injury, your treatment may be simple or complex; it may take a few minutes or several hours, and may be carried out by a doctor or physician assistant (PA).

Your Care Team

While you are in the Emergency Department you may be cared for by the following medical professionals:

  • A Physician who is board certified in emergency medicine will lead your care team.
  • A Physician Assistant (PA) who is licensed to practice under the supervision of an Emergency Department physician.
  • A Registered Nurse who is specially trained and certified in emergency care will monitor your condition, give medications if needed, and keep you and your family informed.

The doctor will determine whether your problem has been resolved; if so, you will be discharged from the ER. Some patients will require longer term treatment and will be observed/admitted to ELIH or transferred to UHSB (Stony Brook).


Upon discharge, we encourage you to ask questions and review your take-home instructions with our Emergency Department team.


You will receive one bill from the hospital and a separate bill from the Emergency Department physician involved with your care. You may receive additional separate bills from any physicians who performed specialty services, such as x- ray interpretation, EKG (electrocardiogram), pathology tissue examination, and so forth.

Our Emergency Department doctors and nurses have highly specialized training and credentials to treat patients and diagnose acute illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention.