CT/Computed Tomography

From routine diagnostics to advanced examinations in cardiology, neurology, and oncology, the 128 Multi- Slice CT Scanner at ELIH can quickly scan and provide high diagnostic confidence. The 128 Multi-Slice CT Scanner uses low dose technology with an innovative software program, Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE), to achieve up to 60% in dose reduction for a wide range of applications. Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) helps to simplify and automate time-consuming complex procedures, supporting the clinical team at every stage of the CT examination.

CT Exam Checklist


  • Remove all metal objects.
  • Bring images from previous exams with you.
  • Ask your physician if your exam requires contrast. If it does, find out how many hours you will need to fast before your exam.
  • Let your physician know if you have had any previous allergic reactions.

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