Memorializing Two Lifetimes of Service

Posted on 5/10/2018

 When Louis Loeb began working at Eastern Long Island Hospital (ELIH)  in 1959, he was the only x-ray technician on staff. As the hospital’s only x-ray technician, Mr. Loeb was always on call. His son, Paul Loeb, recalls, “My dad worked during the day but if there was an accident late at night, they would call [him] and he would go to the hospital to take the x-rays at any hour. This was before cell phones and emails so as kids, we couldn’t stay on the phone very long when my dad was home because the hospital might be trying to call.”

Louis was initially housed by the hospital in the small red building that is now home to the facility’s Human Resources Department, before moving into his own Greenport home with his family. As ELIH grew, more x-ray technicians were hired, and it was up to Louis to train them. He eventually became Department Head of Radiology. During his time at ELIH, Mr. Loeb was also instrumental in the hospital’s implementation of the 1199 Union.

After Mr. Loeb retired in 1986, he continued to serve the hospital as a volunteer, helping out in the Emergency Department and the Opportunity Shop at least one day per week. Mr. Loeb’s wife, Veronica, was also an Auxilian at ELIH. Her son Paul recounts, “My mother was a Pink Lady and worked at the Opportunity Shop. [She and my dad] would go together to the Opportunity Shop when dad was retired.”

Louis and Veronica’s children carry on their legacy of service and dedication to ELIH. “All of [my parents’] seven children worked at the hospital at one time or another through the years. My brother Richard continues to work there as a CNA for close to ten years,” said Paul.

The hospital owes much of its continued growth and success to the dedication of local community members like Louis and Veronica. Their son Paul has continued to show his support for the hospital by memorializing his mother and father with a bench and personalized brick overlooking the facility’s scenic waterfront grounds.

If you would like more information about memorializing a loved one with a memorial gift, personalized bench, or brick, please call the ELIH Foundation Office at 631-477-5164.