“ I ate a piece of candy one night in April that― to my surprise― contained a peanut, to which I'm severely allergic. We rushed to the ELIH Emergency Room… the staff gave immediate medical intervention. They took me to the operating room at 3am. One of ELIH’s new general surgeons, Dr. Subramaniam came to the hospital at this ungodly hour and performed a life-saving tracheotomy. I'm so grateful to be enjoying my boat today thanks to all of the medical staff at ELIH. ”Robert Siachitano, East Marion
“ I was feeling light headed and my heart was beating rapidly. I was rushed to ELIH where East End Cardiology did a complete evaluation. I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, also known as an abnormal heart rhythm. Based on these findings, they performed a catheter ablation to stabilize my heart rate. Since my procedure, all of my follow ups have indicated good health and a successful recovery. Thank you, ELIH! ”Kevin McElroy, Greenport
“ Last March, Dr. Slotkin sent me to ELIH for a CT scan to find out why I was experiencing abdominal pain. A subsequent series of tests lead to a final diagnosis of a malignant tumor in my ascending colon. Dr. Subramaniam removed the mass at ELIH. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon or better care. Today, I am cancer free and need no chemotherapy. I “dodged a bullet,” but only due to the excellent care I received at Eastern Long Island Hospital. ”Gary Parker, East Marion
“ As a North Fork resident and an Auxilian at the hospital, I’ve been through ELIH’s Emergency Department many times over the years. From tick bites to pneumonia to asthma attacks, ELIH’s ER is always there for me whenever I need them. The nurses and physicians on staff are always wonderful and so helpful. ”Lynda Biedermann, Greenport
“ I had a total knee replacement done at ELIH. With the help of the wonderful staff at ELIH’s Physical Therapy office in Southold, I had a total knee recovery. I’ve always done a lot of weight lifting at home, and I took my weight lifting to the next level by joining the ELIH gym in Southold after my recovery. If you need physical therapy or if you want to increase your level of fitness, I would absolutely recommend starting at ELIH Physical Therapy. ”Wesley Zaleski, Southold
“ Eye operations are delicate, so it’s critical to choose a top notch doctor with a successful track record. Our thorough research led us to Dr. Lawrence Buono, a renowned eye doctor with impressive experience. My husband and I had the cataract/LASIK operation performed by Dr. Buono at ELIH. We highly recommend Dr. Buono based on his excellent surgical skills and patient rapport. Our stay at ELIH was outstanding from start to finish thank to its caring staff and modern facilities. ”Cora Enriquez, Greenport
“ The pain of a ruptured Achilles tendon is beyond description. ELIH’s imaging department confirmed the diagnosis, and Dr. Fred Carter and his operative team went to work, splicing the pieces together. After my incredibly convenient outpatient surgery, I worked with ELIH Physical Therapy extensively over a number of months. Before I knew it, I was back on my feet. I am truly thankful to all of the many hands that helped me return to walking as before! ”Z. Micah Kaplan, MD, Southold
“ I choose ELIH for my procedures when I can, and I will continue to do so for any future procedures I may need. In my experience with this hospital― from a pacemaker implant, to a prostate operation, to routine lab tests― I have always been treated in a courteous and professional manner. I always recommend ELIH to my friends, family, and neighbors for this reason. ”James Yagle, Cutchogue
“ ELIH diagnosed my high grade breast cancer at an early stage which enabled treatment with just a mastectomy― no chemo or radiation. I am forever grateful to Dr. Mitarotondo and the technician for this early detection. ELIH’s investment in a tomosynthesis mammography system is a life saver for our community. I'm here to keep windsurfing thanks to ELIH! ”Nancy Messer, East Marion
“ Dr. Pachter has been our family doctor for over a decade. From camp forms and shots, to more serious concerns, he’s been there for us with knowledge, humor, and compassion. His office is staffed with the finest; they have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. Together, they have created a truly professional, yet always warm environment. In Dr. Pachter and those who work with him, we have found everything a family doctor and their office should be. ”Deanna Flythe, New Suffolk
“ After I herniated one of my discs, ELIH’s Pain Center came highly recommended. I received my first treatment, and all of the pain caused by my herniated disc was gone. About one month later, I received my second treatment with the same miraculous result. Dr. Adipietro is not only a highly skilled professional, but he is extremely friendly and caring, as is his staff. I would recommend ELIH’s Pain Center to anyone in need of long-term pain relief. ”Francis Boyle, Southold