The ELIH Auxiliary has a rich and rewarding history. Prior to 1905, North Fork residents traveled as far as  Mineola for hospital care. When the residents of Greenport decided a local hospital was needed, the benevolent Wood Sisters donated their Victorian Mansion to serve as Eastern Long Island Hospital.

With an empty mansion on their hands, a “Ladies Auxiliary” was organized to raise funds for patient beds, window dressings, china and other furnishings. In the summer of 1906, the Auxiliary held a fair in the vacant building clearing $900. Their fundraising efforts continued with sponsored suppers and other activities bringing in $1500 for the installation of a steam heating system.

Through the hard work and dedication of the Auxiliary and a caring community, Suffolk County’s first hospital was subsequently outfitted with every necessity including an Otis elevator and an x-ray machine. Hospital rates in the early days averaged $3.00 a day. To keep costs down for their newly formed hospital, the Auxiliary purchased coal to store in the cellar for the winter. Farmers donated fruits and vegetables to feed the patients. By 1909, 191 patients were treated and 20 beds were established.

From horse and buggy to helicopters, ELIH has grown into a comprehensive medical facility with 90 beds for acute medical care and behavioral health. With a membership in the mid 200’s, the ELIH Auxiliary continues to raise funds for patient services today. ELIH is grateful to the many men and women who make it their mission to keep ELIH strong.